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Da Bears

What can be said about Chicago?  Walter F'n Payton.  Sweetness.  34.   Recquiasce in pace in the real world, on Nintendo, he will live forever.  And the thing is, he's not the only weapon in this Bear's arsenal.  Jim McMahon, Mike Singletary, Willie Gault, and Dennis Gentry.  The only thing that would make this a legendarier team would be Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus and Mike Ditka.

Offense: 8
Very balanced.  Ditka did his job for the '88 season.  Payton running, McMahon passing.  Gault catching.  

Defense: 8
Also balanced.  Singletary is the anchor for this team's d.  He's got it all.  Speed, position, ability to break up passes.  Nice.

Special Teams: 5
Kevin Butler is great on field goal distance, but what brings this down to 5 is nothing spectacular on kickoff.  Average coverage, but Butler streaks down the field to stop the returner on the 20-25

Fun Trick:  Select your play to the right A play.  Now select Payton, the guy who barely went past the line of scrimmage, and just stands there.  If there is no rush, fade.  Fade as far as you can go, and when the defensive line has pursued you 40 yards back, pass the ball.  And marvel at Jim McMahon's doctorate in physics.